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Final Smash Power Suit Samus
Appearances Super Smash Bros Brawl, Super Smash Bros Crusade
Tier C (39)


Samus Aran (サムス・アラン, Samusu Aran) is the main protagonist of the Metroid series. She is a bounty hunter of the Galactic Federation, an organization that fights against the alien race known as the Space Pirates. Infused with alien Chozo DNA, Samus, clad in a robotic-like Power Suit, possesses exceptional athletic ability and is skilled with a multitude of different cybernetic weapons. She is an orphan who was the sole survivor of a pirate raid on her home space colony K-2L. She is a playable character in all 3 of the Smash games and in Super Smash Bros Crusade.

Samus is one of Nintendo's oldest and most famous characters, having debuted in Metroid for NES in 1986. She is best known for a surprise secret ending of Metroid, in which many players at the time, under the impression that Samus was a male, were shocked to learn that Samus was female (which was very uncommon for the game industry at the time).

Changes from Brawl to Crusade


Zero Suit Samus' Normal Moves


  • Samus performs two quick jabs. First with her free hand, then with her gun holding hand.

Side Tilt

  • Samus performs a quick rotating kick.

Up Tilt

  • Samus does a handstand and rotate her legs to kick enemies upward.

Down Tilt

  • Samus turns around in her crouched position and kicks with both legs.

Dash Attack

  • Samus does a front flip and swings her legs in front of herself.

Side Smash

  • Samus uses the whip feature of her gun to smack enemies away.

Up Smash

  • Samus uses the whip feature of her gun and twirls the whip above her to damage enemies.

Down Smash

  • Samus uses the stun feature of her gun and shoots downwards to the ground.

Neutral Air

  • Samus uses the whip feature of her gun and spins, causing the whip to spin around her.

Forward Air

  • Samus does two jab-like kicks in the air.

Up Air

  • Samus flips in the air, swinging her legs above herself to deal damage.

Back Air

  • Samus kicks behind herself with both legs in the air.

Down Air

  • Samus does a jab-like kick below herself to deal damage.

Forward Throw

  • Samus throws the enemy with the whip of her gun.

Up Throw

  • Samus flips and kicks the enemy upward.

Back Throw

  • Samus smacks the enemy away behind herself.

Down Throw

  • Samus does an Axe-kick on the enemy

Ledge Attack

  • Samus gets up from the ledge in her crouch position, then she turns around and kicks with both legs.

Zero Suit Samus' Special Moves

Type Name Description
Neutral Special Samus will use the stun feature of her gun to stun enemies. A charged stun shot will stun the enemy for a longer period of time but will be much shorter in range.
Side Special Samus will use a hybrid of the whip feature and the stun feature to try and explode enemies. The range of the attack about the size of her grab.
Up Special Samus will use the whip feature of her gun to grab onto things. This can be used to grab the ledge of the stage or bring down enemies in the air.
Down Special Samus will do a back flip in a arc. When Samus starts falling down, the special button may be pressed so that Samus does a jab-kick below herself.
Final Smash Samus first creates orbiting stars around her to deal damage, then she transform to Power Suit Samus.


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