Overview & History

Super Smash Brothers RPG is a game similar to the 'Super smash bros.' series, but with a slight twist: It is in the form of a Role Playing Game. While it Consists of almost 12 different Hub worlds, 135 Separate Characters [ROughly], Each with their own unique Abilities, and Many other different features that make the game so different from the rest, Super Smash Bros. RPG [Also Known as SSBRP] has revolutionized the experience of the classic game series altogether.

Development for the game started in 2017, and, due to the game's amount of content, did not release until three years later. However, the fans of the Smash bros. franchise were hyped over a possible side series of a sub series of nintendo games. However, despite the excitement for the game's release, it got mixed reviews: yes, it had many characters, and the playing fields were all aesthetically pleasing, but the gameplay was a bit laggy, and the game seemed to crash a lot on certain devices

The Game has Three Story Modes, FIve separate game modes, many unlockable characters, and so on. In total, there are 59 Veterans and 76 newcomers.

Game Modes

In total, the game consists of 8 Major and Minor Game Modes:

  • The Unwilling Future: One of the three main story Modes of the game. Involves the most Characters in any of the story Modes, Having over 30 CHaracters used in it. Must be Played to unlock the other two story modes.