Shadow Ball
Mewtwo charging the Shadow Ball.
User Mewtwo
Universe Pokemon

Shadow Ball is Mewtwo's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. Melee & in Super Smash Bros Crusade. The move itself consists of Mewtwo concentrating shadow energy into a round ball to toss at opponents. It is its strongest attack. In order to use it, press the B to charge the attack, and B again to release the attack. The player can save the charge by pushing the shield button or left or right on the control stick. When a full charge is saved, Mewtwo's left hand will constantly glow with dark power. Mewtwo can even charge this in the air, and even when it's fully charged, Mewtwo will still continue to 'charge' it until the player releases it or moves. The charge does electric damage and traps an opponent upon contact. Once fired, the ball will travel in a wave-shaped path, which makes it hard to aim but equally difficult to avoid. A fully charged Shadow Ball does 25% damage and deals great knockback.