Series Pokemon icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal/Heartgold/Soulsilver

Super Smash Bros (Nintendo 64)

Legality Ban


The original non-Stadium Pokemon stage from Super Smash Bros. has been ported into Crusade. Like its counterpart, this stage features Pokemon that appear on top of Silph Tower for a brief period of time, adding an extra, slightly unpredictable hazard to the match.

Stage Appearance

Saffron City takes place atop Silph Co's legendary tower and it's surrounding buildings. An elevator frequently travels to the top of the main tower, and opens up, revealing one of four possible pokemon: Venusaur, Charmander, Chansey, or Porygon. Venusaur uses Razor Leaf, firing several leaves at a horizontal trajectory. Charmander spits a weak Flamethrower, and any player caught in it gets damaged. Chansey throws one of her eggs onto the battle field, which either act as an explosive or carry an item. Porygon jets out of the elevator after a brief delay, sending anyone he touches flying to the left. Off in the distance, you can see the many towers of Saffron, and if you look closely, you can even catch site of a Pidgey flying through the city.

Music Tracks

  1. Saffron City (SSB)