Series Wario icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Super Smash Bros. Crusade
Legality Legal

Rice Beach is a new stage first introduced in the v0.5 demo of Crusade, where it was unlockable. It is currently a starter stage.

It is the home stage for Wario.


Rice Beach is Wario’s starting point in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 . It is located on the west side of Kitchen Island. There are a total of six levels (also known as courses) in the world, and levels one and three experience different tides after they are completed the first time, allowing to reach new areas after the first run-through (an example would be the secret entrance to Course Six, hidden in Course Three).

The boss of Rice Beach is known as Toge Bro. In order for Wario to defeat him, the player would have to expose his soft underbelly with a ram attack, then ground pound the belly. Three hits would guarantee Wario victory.

Stage Appearance

Based on the first main location from Wario Land, the main platform is a small island in the middle of a body of water. Towards the left of the stage are two platforms which can be stood upon. There are no stage hazards, though a Pirate Goom from Wario Land does make his way around the stage during your battles. In the background of the stage, one can see two Kitchen Island locations: Mt. Teapot and Syrup Castle.

Unlike Brawl, you cannot swim in Project: Crusade, so be careful not to fall into the watery abyss around the stage.

Music Tracks

Rice Beach comes with five different music tracks when you download the game, all different songs from the Wario series.

  1. Wario Land Medley
  2. Greenhorn Forest (Wario World)
  3. Palm Tree Paradise (Wario Land 4)
  4. Wario Land Shake It! 1-1
  5. Out of the Woods (Wario Land 3)