Series Dbz icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Virtually all DBZ games
Legality Ban


The infamous Planet Namek, home of the Namekian Dragon Balls and Picolo, is now a stage for your combating pleasure in Crusade.

Stage Appearance

The main brute of the fighting takes place on two halves of the perfectly symmetrical stage separated by a lake of light-yellow liquid that you are unable to swim in. It is fairly wide in comparison to most on-stage gaps, so it takes some jumping ability to get across. In the background, you can see the One-Star Dragon Ball (presumably the Namekian one), Frieza's space pod, and, occasionally throughout the fight, you can see Frieza and Picolo fighting at full force with each other, ignoring the other combatants on the field entirely. In the far background, you can see one of Namek's neighboring planets (it is unknown which one).

Music Tracks

  1. Planet Namek (Dragon Ball Z- Budokai)