Series Ristar icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Super Smash Bros. Crusade
Legality Banned

Planet Flora is a new stage introduced in Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

It is the home stage for Ristar.

Stage Appearance

The stage is loosely based on the first area from Ristar. The beautiful flora of the jungle is really shown well all throughout the stage. Towards the right of the stage there is a small wall and a platform that is slightly higher than the rest of the stage. Both edges slope slightly downwards. In the background one can see the jungle of Planet Flora flying by while the main platform continues on its way. Several enemies from Ristar appear on this stage including Orbots and a chicken-like enemy, though only the flying pterodactyl-like enemy damages players by dropping bombs. If you can manage to reach the chicken that flies above the stage, you can stand on top of its head.

Because the wall can be used for continuous comboing, Planet Flora is "banned" from tournament-related events.

Music Tracks

Planet Flora features three music tracks from the Genesis game Ristar, and anyone familiar with the game should be able to recognize them quickly. The fourth song is from the game Tyrian, and while it may not be from Ristar, it sure does fit the stage nicely.

  1. Kaiser Greedy's Theme (Ristar)
  2. Planet Flora Theme (Ristar)
  3. Planet Undertow Theme (Ristar)
  4. Tyrian - The Level