Pichu 0.9.1
Pokemon icon
Universe Pokémon
Debut Pokémon Gold & Silver (2000)
Final Smash Thunder
Appearances Super Smash Bros. Melee, Crusade
Tier ???


Pichu (ピチュー Pichu) is a Pokémon character in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Crusade. According to the national PokéDex, Pichu is Pokémon #172. It is described as a small bipedal mouse with an oval-shaped head and large, black, arrow-shaped ears. As it is the pre-evolutionary form of Pikachu and a baby Pokémon, the Pokédex explains that the electricity pouches on its cheeks are still small and not able to store much electricity yet.

Changes from Melee to Crusade

Due to Alternates, This is the first time Pichu is unlocked from the start as it was an alternate form for Pikachu in Crusade.


Pichu's Normal Moves


  • Jabs its head forward, can chain into itself. Quite fast, can infinite against some characters on walls. 2% damage

Side Tilt

  • Shoves both of its feet forward. Low range and knockback, though a fast move.

Up Tilt

  • Swipes its tail in an arch above it. Very low range and somewhat slow, though sets up for aerial combos and follow ups. 10%

Down Tilt

  • A short kick. The foot turns grey.

Dash Attack

  • A basic dash attack, sticks its head out and trips mid-dash.

Side Smash

  • Launches a short jolt of electricity from its cheeks. 17% damage (6% to itself).

Up Smash

  • Headbutts upwards, similar to Mario's up smash.

Down Smash

  • Quickly spins in place, electrocuting itself.

Neutral Air

  • A quick spinning tackle attack.

Forward Air

  • Twirls in the air with its tail extending 

Back Air

  • Flips to its rear many times, though only has one hitbox.

Up Air

  • Flips up and thrusts its tail.

Down Air

  • Releases many electrical shocks from its cheeks downward.

Forward Throw

  • Puts foe on its back and zaps him/her.

Back Throw

  • Does many rolls backwards and tosses foe.

Up Throw

  • Tosses foe up and headbutts them with electricity.

Down Throw

  • Launches foe to floor and zaps him/her.

Ledge Attack

  • Gets up and flips its tail.

Pichu's Special Moves

Type Name Description
Neutral Special Thunder Jolt Releases a blue ball like electric from itself. It deals 4% damage, but takes 2% to itself after peforming.
Side Special Skull Bash A powerful headbutt attack. However, character needs to have 100% percentage to make an critical hit. By other side, it has poor knockback. 24% (At high percentages).
Up Special Agility Dissapear and reappear 2 subsequent times while moving vertically, horizontally or diagonally. However, it takes 2/4% to itself.
Down Special Nuzzle Pichu charges up energy, and concentrates it onto its cheeks (does not affect battleground stats).
Final Smash Thunder Pichu summons a large thunder from the sky onto it. The contact creates two large energy waves from left and right. The descending thunder may also damage opponents. It is the only move that dosen't damage itself.

Notable Appearances

  • Pokémon Gold and Silver (2000)
  • Pokémon HeartGold and Soul Silver (2010)
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (2014)