Mr. Game & Watch
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Series Gamewatch icon
Final Smash Octopus
Appearances Super Smash Bros Melee, Brawl, Crusade
Tier S (2)


Mr. Game & Watch, known in Japan as just Game & Watch (ゲーム&ウォッチ, Gēmu ando Wocchi) is a composite representation of various generic characters featured in Nintendo's Game & Watch products and video game series created in 1980 by Gunpei Yokoi.

Changes from Brawl to Crusade

His down aerial no longer falls faster when using it.


Mr. Game & Watch is ranked 2nd in the tier list. Mr. Game & Watch has great kill power with attacks with disjointed hitboxes and is pretty fast, he has one of the best recoveries in the game and has a decent combo ability, has a great projectile which is nearly impossible to penetrate, Oil Panick helps him against projectiles (Goku, Krystal and Samus being notable) and has a great air game and ground game and a good meteor smash (though can be risky at times). However, Mr. Game & Watch is a lightweight and loss of Momentum Cancel limits his survivability.

Mr. Game & Watch packs a punch. In general, his attacks possess favorable hitboxes, low lag, and high knockback; however, his roll and dash attack are rather poor. Many of his attacks can hit multiple times. His erratic, instant movement makes him nearly impossible to predict in nearly anything that isn't his approach. Most of Mr. Game & Watch's tilts follow the pattern of his other attacks, being quick and powerful, while also possessing disjointed hitboxes. He has very powerful smashes, two of them hard to punish if they miss due their hitboxes having long duration, and the down smash is very fast. Additionally, Mr. Game & Watch is able to break projectile camps easily using Oil Panic (although this only works on energy projectiles) or simply ducking underneath most projectiles. Mr. Game & Watch does have a projectile, Chef, but it is somewhat weak and has a random trajectory, which makes it somewhat unreliable. The move Judge is an attack that relies on chance. It can do anything from hurting himself if used more than twice in a match (1) to being a One-Hit KO (9).

Mr. Game & Watch's Normal Moves


  • Greenhouse - Mr. Game & Watch pumps out the gas used in Greenhouse. Deals multiple hits.

Forward Tilt

  • Lion Tamer - Mr. Game & Watch thrusts forward the chair used in Lion Tamer.

Upward Tilt

  • Flagman - Mr. Game & Watch swings the flag from flagman above his head.

Downward Tilt

  • Manhole - Mr. Game & Watch flicks the manhole cover from Manhole out in front of him.

Dash Attack

  • Helmet - Mr. Game & Watch puts on the helmet from helmet, and slids a distance forward on his head.

Forward Smash

  • Fire Attack - Mr. Game & Watch swings a lit match forward at the opponent, dealing fire damage.

Upward Smash

  • Octopus - Mr. Game & Watch puts on the diver's headgear from octopus, then headbutts upward, hitting enemies with it.

Downward Smash

  • Vermin - Mr. Game & Watch swings down the hammers used in Vermin on either side of him.

Neutral Aerial

  • Tropical Fish - Mr. Game & Watch pulls out the fish bowl, and the fish jump out. It can hit multiple times, but it is generally hard to score more than two hits.

Forward Aerial

  • Mario Bros. - Mr. Game & Watch swings the brick from Mario Bros. over his head.

Backward Aerial

  • Turtle Bridge - Mr. Game & Watch thrusts the turtle from turtle bridge at his opponent, and it bites them, dealing multiplt hits.

Upward Aerial

  • Spinball Sparky - Mr. Game & Watch blows on a horn, that blows opponents away a considerable distance. If the "wind" that comes out of the horn makes contact with an opponent, they recieve damage.

Downward Aerial

  • Donkey Kong Jr.- Mr. Game & Watch takes out the key from DK Jr., and thrusts it downward, falling.

NOTE: All of Mr. Game & Watch's throws have the exact same animation, and are based off of the same game: Juggle, but the direction the foe is tossed when Mr. Game & Watch is done juggling them changes based on the direction inputed.

Forward Throw

  • Mr. Game & Watch juggles the enemy then throws the enemy forward.

Up Throw

  • Mr. Game & Watch juggles the enemy then throws the enemy upward.

Back Throw

  • Mr. Game & Watch juggles the enemy then throws the enemy behind.

Down Throw

  • Mr. Game & Watch juggles the enemy then smashes the enemy below.

Ledge Attack

  • Mr. Game & Watch gets up from the ledge and attacks with his bell.

Mr. Game & Watch's Special Moves

Type Name Description
Neutral Special Chef Mr. Game and Watch takes out a frying pan, and flicks sausage off of it. The trajectory of the sausage is random, making it a generally unsafe projectile.
Side Special Judge

Mr. Game & Watch takes out the hammer from judge, and when he swings it forward, a random number from 1-9 appears over his head. Each number has a different effect, with 1 being the weakest, and 9 being the strongest. 1: weak hit. Mr. Game & Watch takes recoil damage 2: a weak attack 3: a weak attack with similar effects to a fan 4: a slashing attack with similar effects to a beam sword 5: an attack that produces four electrical charges that zap the opponent 6: an attack that deals surprisingly good horizontal knockback. 7: an attack that does decent damage and knockback, and causes a food item to drop in honor of the lucky #7. 8: an attck that freezes the opponent. 9: an extremely powerful attack that has similar effects to a homerun bat.

Up Special Fire Mr. Game & Watch gets launched into the air by the trampoline from fire, then deploys the parachute from parachute, and floats downward slowly.
Down Special Oil Panic Mr. Game & Watch pulls out the bucket from oil panic, which can abosorb energy projectiles. If 3 energy projectiles are absorbed, Mr. Game & Watch can dump oil out of the bucket, which the power is determined by the combined damage of the three projectiles times 1.5.
Final Smash Octopus Mr. Game & Watch transforms into the octopus from Octopus. The octopus can be freely controlled by the player, and can more around, and even jump. Its tentacles rapidly extend, then unextend giving this move more range. If enemies touch the Octopus, they will be damaged, and knocked back.


  • Mr. Game & Watch is the oldest character on Super Smash Bros. Crusade's roster

Notable Appearances

Note: Unfortunately I can not list links to wikis for any of these games since there is no wiki existing for Mr. Game & Watch

  • Ball (Game & Watch) (1980)
  • Fire (Game & Watch) (1980)
  • Chef (Game & Watch) (1981)
  • Parachute (Game & Watch) (1981)