Symbol Klonoa-0
Universe Klonoa
Final Smash Huepow
Debut Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (1997)
Debut in Crusade v0.9.0
Status in Crusade Newcomer
Tier TBA

Klonoa is the main character of the series of the same name. He debuted in Super Smash Bros. Crusade v0.9.0 as a Newcomer.



Klonoa's Normal Moves

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack 3% (first hit)

4% (second hit)

Klonoa punches the opponent, then follows up with an upward hit from his ring. The second hit pops opponents into the air.
Side Tilt 3% (first hit)

5% (second hit)

A forward roll. This attack has two hit points.
Up Tilt 6% (sourspot)

7% (sweetspot)

Klonoa hops with his fists in the air.
Down Tilt 7% (sourspot)

9% (sweetspot)

A sliding drop kick. There is a sweespot located toward the bottom of Klonoa's shoes.
Dash Attack 6% Klonoa slides forward with his ring outstretched in front of him.
Forward Smash 11% Klonoa summons a blade from his ring and slashes forward
Up Smash 8% Klonoa thrusts his ring upward causing a small explosion.
Down Smash 10% Klonoa drives his ring into the ground causing an explosion.
Neutral Aerial 5% Standard sex kick.
Forward Aerial 6% A downward blade swing from Klonoa's ring.
Back Aerial 2% (first)

2% (second)

2% (third)

7% (explosion)

Klonoa spins around 4 times with his blade outstreached dealing damage with each spin, before finishing off with a small explosion that propels him forward.
Up Aerial 4% Superman pose. Klonoa outstretches his body.
Down Aerial 10% Klonoa swings his ring downward. Has a spike hitbox near the bottom.
Grab - Relatively short grab range.
Pummel 2% Flails with his opponent in his grasp. Results in opponent breaking free.
Forward Throw 6% Throws opponent forward with both hands.
Back Throw 7% Klonoa's strongest throw. While holding an opponent, Klonoa rises into the air while spinning. The release has high knockback.
Up Throw 5% Klonoa spins before throwing the opponent upward.
Down Throw 3% (first)

4% (second)

Klonoa hits his opponent with his ears before bouncing backward.

Klonoa's Special Moves

Type Name Description
Neutral Special Wind Bullet Klonoa uses his ring to pick up an opponent and throw them forwards. He can also jump with an opponent in tow, allowing him to throw the opponent downward.
Side Special Shuriken Klonoa charges a shuriken attack which will launch forward and hit any targets in its path. The projectile will bounce off of walls and obstacles and can be thrown diagonally downwards if falling.
Up Special Beam Gnome Klonoa charges forward in a straight line, knocking targets in his path upwards, and reflecting any projectile he comes into contact with. If Klonoa is in the air, he will spin upwards before slowing to a stop.
Down Special Hammer Klonoa takes out the Hammer and swings downwards. Using it on the ground spikes.
Final Smash Huepow Klonoa charges his ring an unleashes a ball of energy which damages and knocks out any enemies it contacts.

On-screen appearance

Klonoa and Huepow appear, followed by Klonoa saying "Hupo, Ruprudu" (which translates to "Huepow, let's go" in Phantomillian) with Huepow flying into Klonoa's ring.


Klonoa sheepishly scratches his head, the button can be held down to continue the taunt. After about 3 second of holding, releasing the button results in Klonoa saying "Padoo"



  • Klonoa is currently the only character that dosen't have a series symbol.
  • Klonoa's hat features and icon of PAC-MAN eating a pellet. This is most likely due to both series' being owned by NAMCO.
  • Before version 0.9.1, Beam Gnome could not snap to ledges.
  • Klonoa's Final Smash used to be longer with the inclusion of Huepow. It was cutshort because for an unknown reason, but possibly because it was too-long. The final smash in general is a reference to Klonoa's final move with Huepow in Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and it's Wii remake.