(NOTE: This image does not reflect the actual appearance of the stage.)

Series Sonic icon1
Availability Starter
Appearances Sonic 3
Legality Ban


Ice Cap Zone was one of the more memorable stages found in Sonic 3, both due to its aesthetics and music, and is now a place for your friends to fight in the snow and ice.

Stage Appearance

Ice Cap Zone, despite its name, contains no ice-physics, and is a fairly large map with multiple layers to fight on. On the top layer, there are several small floating platforms, presumably to use as a quick juke. The bulk of the top layer is on top of the loop-ring and the cavern. The second layer flat, then slopes gently downwards on the left. Generally, this is where a bulk of the fighting will be done. The third and final layer takes place in a cavern-like area with a medium-sized flat area and a tangible ceiling. The ceiling comes down to be on-level with the second layer, making KO-s to the left incredibly hard to pull off. In the background, there are several icebergs floating on a beautiful, icy ocean, and underneath a blue-gray sky, though these images can be glitchy at times due to their size.

Music Tracks

  1. Ice Cap Zone