Rules are very important, and most communities (if not all of them) require its users to follow them; however, it is easier to say than done. Unlike most communities, we like to keep our rules steady and easy to follow, but recent problems from our old Crusade Wiki cause us to think otherwise. If you read below, those rules are the general outline of the entire Project Crusade Wiki. Follow them, and you'll be fine. If not, remember to say Bon Voyage on your way to the Gates of Hell (can't we have a little humor here?).
General Rules
  1. Unless you are an admin, DO NOT make a page. There are some dangerous people out there and we want to make sure that pages stay secure from the moment they're made. We also want to make sure that they meet the content standards set by other pages.If you would like to volunteer to make a page, join the forum and PM one of the wiki's admins with the information that would be displayed on the page.
  2. About 99% of the time, admins who make new wiki pages forget to protect them. PLEASE protect them at all times, so that ONLY admins are allowed to edit wiki pages! (Are we being serious, or are we joking? You should know what to do by now since you've been chosen as an admin for a reason.)
  3. As far as personal pages go, keep them PG-13. Other than that you can do just about whatever you want with your own user page.
  4. Users are allowed to post messages on each others' talk pages. These messages must comply with the Project: Crusade Forum Global Rules. Basically: don't flame, don't curse, don't spam.
  5. If a user is stirring up trouble by spamming talk pages or doing suspicious activities, report them to an admin and one of us will deal with them.
  6. And finally, if you are Super Kooparaider, you are not welcome here. Please go away and stop wasting everyone's time.