Mario Finale, Mario's Final Smash.

A Final Smash is a special attack originally introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and returns in Cruasde. Final Smashes are the ultimate attacks of characters, and are usually powerful compared to other attacks. Many Final Smashes have the power to KO when properly executed, and can offer an excellent advantage when used correctly. Each character has at least one Final Smash, while certain characters such as Ryu have multiple.

Obtaining a Final Smash

In their original appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Final Smashes were enabled by breaking a Smash Ball, which differs in Crusade. In Crusade, a Final Smash is obtained by powering up the Smash Meter, achieved by performing attacks and dealing damage to opponents. Players hit by attacks also receive a small amount of Smash Meter power. When the meter is fully charged, it begins to glow, and the words "FINAL SMASH" are shown on the meter. At this point, a Final Smash may be used by pressing the B button (also called the Special Move button). A Final Smash consumes all of the user's Smash power, so the player must refill the meter in order for another Final Smash to be executed.

List of Final Smashes

Character Final Smash Name Description/Notes
Mario Mario Finale Mario fires a huge, growing ball of flame that drags enemies with it as it travels along the stage.
Luigi Elemental Medals Luigi pulls out the Poltergust 3000, equipped with Water, Fire, and Ice elemental weapons. Luigi can move and jump during this Final Smash, and use A to fire the weapon and B to change weapons. During the last few seconds, the elemental weapons get bigger.
Weegee Weegee Virus Weegee's most disturbing attack: he transforms all nearby players into Weegee clones before blasting them away with a wave of dark energy.
Peach Peach Blossom Peach performs a dance, and health-restoring peaches fall from the sky. All grounded opponents take 25% damage and are put to sleep, allowing Peach to attack while they are snoozing or eat the peaches to restore her own health.
Toad POW Block Toad tosses a POW Block, and when it hits the ground, it causes a quake that hits all grounded enemies.
Yoshi Super Dragon Yoshi sprouts wings and can freely fly around the stage. He can also shoot fireballs with A or B. If neither button is pressed for a time, he'll spray smaller fireballs instead.
Wario Wario-Man Wario takes flight as the super-hero Wario-Man! He can fly freely around the screen and ram enemies and can release his explosive gas with A or B.
Waluigi Power Piledriver Finish Waluigi attempts to bury his opponent in the ground, and if he succeeds, he'll launch a series of attacks ending with a Bob-omb.
Geno Geno Flash Geno transforms into a massive cannon and fires a ball of energy into the air. The energy ball bursts in a huge firey explosion, damaging all players near it.
Pikachu Volt Tackle Pikachu is engulfed in electricity, and he can use its magnetic power to fly freely around the stage. By pressing A or B, he can activate a powerful electrical shock, or he can just ram into enemies to damage them.
Lucario Close Combat Lucario launches a series of brutal melee attacks followed by a huge Aura blast.
Jigglypuff Puff Up Jigglypuff grows to a gigantic size at a shocking speed, hitting all nearby enemies. When she deflates, enemies are blown away by a gust of wind.
Mewtwo Psycho Boost Mewtwo unleashes its strongest attack with waves of pure psychic power, dealing extreme damage. However, Mewtwo becomes tired after using this move.
Link Triforce Slash Link swings his sword, trapping a nearby enemy in the Triforce. Then, he begins to slash his foe repeatedly, finishing with a powerful stab.
Young Link Four Swords The Red, Blue, and Purple Links from Zelda: Four Swords join Young Link and gang up on up to two targets. Young Link finishes off his target with a flashy spin attack.
Kirby CRASH! Kirby uses the CRASH ability from Kirby's Adventure. He causes a massive explosion that does 38% damage to all enemies in range.
Meta Knight Galaxia Darkness Meta Knight whips his cape forwards, and if he touches an enemy with it, the stage grows dark. Then, Meta Knight slashes all players on screen (in a certain range) and finishes his captive foe with a huge slice.
Gooey Dark Form Transform Gooey into his Dark Matter form, allowing him to fly around the stage at high speed! Press A or B to have him shoot three dark orbs that fan out at different angles and deal serious damage to enemies.
Samus Zero Laser Samus charges her arm cannon briefly and releases a huge laser beam that hits enemies multiple times and does serious damage. Afterwards, Samus's suit is drained of energy, and Samus must remove it and become Zero Suit Samus.
Zero Suit Samus Power Suit Samus begins to reassemble the Power Suit, and nearby characters are shocked by the energy surrounding her. Afterwards, Samus can use her Power Suit again.
Ridley Ridley Finisher Ridey slams his enemy into the ground, immobilizing them. He then flies into the background and rams into the captive foe at high speed, sending them flying.?
Fox Landmaster Take command of the Landmaster tank, which can hover (activated by pressing and holding Jump or Up) and fire energy blasts (by pressing A or B). Players can stand on top of the Landmaster, but it's possible to fly them off the top of the stage.
Krystal Krazoa Swords Krystal summons the help of the Krazoa Spirits, trapping a nearby foe. She then attacks them repeatedly with the Krazoa Swords, ending with a blow that does lots of knockback.
Saki Ruffian Slash Saki dashes towards the enemy, and if he hits, he'll perform a light-speed combo ending in a barrage of blaster fire.
Ness PK Rockin' Using PSI powers, Ness performs a spectacular 3-part laser attack on the enemy.
Lucas PK Starstorm Lucas summons from the sky a rain of meteors that hit opponents horizontally.
Porky Pig King Statue Summon the indestructible Pig King Statue and use its mighty power to trample and punch annoying competitors!
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon The Captain summons the Blue Falcon, and if it strikes an enemy, Captain Falcon boards the Blue Falcon and then drives at high speed towards his target. He then leaps out and finishes with a cinematic Falcon Punch.
Marth Shield Breaker Marth raises his sword skyward, then dashes forwards with a "critical" sword strike that's almost sure to finish off his target.
Mach Rider Mach Assault Mach Rider summons his Mach Bike and equips it with machine guns, allowing him to drive around the stage and shoot at enemies (with B). By holding up, the player can make Mach Rider pop a wheelie (and aim the machine gun up also)!
Mr. Game & Watch Octopus Transform Mr. Game & Watch into the Octopus (from the Game & Watch game Octopus) and go on a rampage! Press A to perform a more powerful attack.
Sonic Super Sonic Sonic transforms into his "Super" form using the Chaos Emeralds. He can then fly around the stage and ram into enemies.
Tails Mech Walker Tails summons the Mech Walker, which can walk and jump around the stage, ramming or stomping enemies, and fire blasts of energy.
Knuckles Hyper Knuckles Quake Knuckles goes into Hyper form for a moment, rises into the air, and them slams down with a punch that sends out damaging waves of energy to either side of him.
Shadow Chaos Inferno Use Chaos Control to freeze enemies in time, then finish them off with a devastating Chaos Blast!
Ristar Hyper Orbit Launch Ristar grabs an enemy and begins to swing around the Star Pole. When he has picked up enough speed, he will throw the enemy into orbit.
Snake Grenade Launcher Snake boards a chopper and takes aim at the stage from a front perspective. He can them take aim and fire at his enemies from a distance using a grenade launcher.
Bomberman Bomber Copter Bomberman equips his Copter hat, which he can use to fly around the stage and drop bombs on other players.
Mega Man Hyper Mega Man After transforming into a giant robot with lots of weaponry, Mega Man unloads on enemies with lasers, rockets, and missiles that resemble his robot friends.
Ryu (1) Metsu Hadouken Ryu begins to form a powerful Hadoken while saying "Metsu!", and then releases a big, powerful Hadoken attack that his multiple times and deals serious damage.
Ryu (2) Shin Shoryuken Ryu strikes with a powerful uppercut followed by a devastating Shoryuken. This attack has very short range.
Evil Ryu (1) Raging Demon Evil Ryu glides over to an opponent, grabs them, and the stage grows dark. Then, he performs a series of attacks that we cannot see, and the opponent is sent flying.
Evil Ryu (2) Messatsu Go Shoryuu Evil Ryu performs three Shoryukens and if the all three hit, the final one will make Evil Ryu jump and absorb some dark power. After he has done that, Evil Ryu, while falling, grabs and slams his opponent in the ground.
Chun-Li (1) Hoyokusen Chun Li dashes forwards with a powerful kick, followed by a series of Lightning Kicks, and finishes her opponent with a powerful upwards kick.
Chun-Li (2) Kikosho Chun Li gathers energy in her hands, then projects it into a huge ball that damages enemies.
Rayman Moskito Mount the Moskito and terrorize the other players! Fly around and ram into foes, or shoot them from above.?
Goku Dragon Rush Goku powers up, then rushes the enemy with a powerful punch, if it connects, he does a series of rapid attacks ending in a Spirit Bomb.
Goku (Kaioken) Dragon Fist Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan with the help of Shenron, then charges forward with a punch that appears to have a dragon-shaped aura.