Series Mach icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Excitebike

Excitebike (3D Classics)

Legality Ban


One of the original racing games, Excitebike places a motorcyclist under your control as you make your way through a haphazard course to get the best time. The stage present in Crusade does its best to represent that haphazardness in a fun and exciting, albeit sometimes frustrating, stage.

Stage Appearance

The fighting on this stage takes place on the famed Excitebike race track. There is a single floating platform to the right of the stage, hovering above a small peninsula, and an outcropping on the left side. This outcropping is actually a destroyable feature of the stage, but doing so makes the stage much harder to fight on. That is because the stage is not as innocent as it seems, however, as Excitebikes will often race through the course in the middle of your fight, knocking away anyone and anything in their path. These collisions will occasionally cause Excitebikers to crash and spiral out. In the background of the stage is a huge stadium seating area filled to the brim with pixelated, cheering fans.

Music Tracks

  1. Excitebike World Rally- Main Menu