Series Megaman icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Rockman
Legality Ban


A compilation of all the original Cut Man's stage had to offer in the original Mega Man made into a combat zone for Crusade.

Stage Appearance

The stage's appearance is based of the original Cut Man Stage, with a similar color pallet and design theme. There are spikes place on top of the middle platform which, although they don't kill you instantly, knock you away while making you take damage. There are also unclimbable ladders which lead up to high-platforms that, while good for avoiding a fray, often have Helibots near them, which rush you and deal damage on contact. Cut Man himself makes an appearance as well, located on the right-hand side of the stage, and while he doesn't really do anything, he watches the fight intently, sometimes striking his signature pose.

Music Tracks

  1. Cut Man's Arena