Series Fireemblem icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Fire Emblem
Legality Ban


Three iconic parts of the Fire Emblem series are remade together to become a cool stage in Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

Stage Appearance

The stage appearances changes into three different areas. Each is separated by a transition. The first are is on top of a large castle. In the background is a large flag that has a dragon symbol on it as well as more parts of the castle. The second are is inside the castle with large statues holding platforms. These statues can be destroyed. High above are flags that can player can stand on. In the background you can see a long hall with a chair fit for a king. The third area has a different transition. Instead of a plain white background, there are also black dots in it. The third area has players standing on a floating rock above lava. In the background you can also see other islands in the lava.

Music Tracks

  1. Fire Emblem (Melee)