Blue Falcon
Captain Falcon unleashing Blue Falcon on Toon Link
User Captain Falcon
Final Smash Trapping
Uses Captain Falcon calls the Blue Falcon yelling "Come On, Blue Falcon". If the Blue Falcon hits an opponent, he rides on the Blue Falcon and then leaps at the opponent, attacking him/her with a powerful Falcon Punch that deals 55% damage.

The Blue Falcon serves as Captain Falcon's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Crusade. The attack consists of Captain Falcon summoning the Blue Falcon and finishing off the opponent with a powerful Falcon Punch.

There is one notable difference with this version of the Blue Falcon with the Super Smash Bros Brawl version. In Brawl, Captain Falcon rams over his opponent with the Blue Falcon and it can hit multiple opponents. In Crusade, Captain Falcon jumps out of the Blue Falcon and delivers a powerful Falcon Punch.


The Blue Falcon does a total of 55% to the opponent. The Blue Falcon does 10% damage and the final Falcon Punch will deal 45%, sending the opponent flying.