Series Fzero icon
Availability Starter
Appearances F-Zero, F-Zero X
Legality Ban


After sustaining massive damage from Ridley, Captain Falcon has repaired his ship, just in time for Crusade! Inside this ship rests the incredible Blue Falcon, which, unfortunately, cannot be seen.

Stage Appearance

The main fighting on this stage occurs atop Big Blue, Captain Falcon's non-racing transport ship, while it flies above an F-Zero race track. On the track, several racing ships from the series can be seen jetting along beneath Big Blue. If you touch these ships, you are launched upward after taking some mild damage. The track itself is also tangible, but rapidly pushes you to the left of the screen, quickly carrying you off stage you if you aren't careful and reflexive.

Music Tracks

  1. F-Zero X - Big Blue (remix)