Series Starfox icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Project: Crusade
Legality Legal

Asteroid Field is an original stage in Project: Crusade.

It is the home stage to Fox, Falco, and Krystal.


The Asteroid Field serves as a natural line of defense for the planet Corneria. In some places, asteroids are more thick, making it much more difficult to navigate through; however, some parts are notably thinner, allowing for an easier navigation. In its first appearance in Star Fox 64, it was known as Meteo, though every other appearance refers to it as the Asteroid FIeld.

Stage Appearance

Asteroid Field is a fairly basic stage; it would be completely horizontal if there wasn't a small dip in the middle of the stage. Arwings fly around the stage, though they don't do anything to damage players. In the background is the asteroid field itself, and the planet Corneria can also be seen.

Music Tracks

Asteroid Field has a good selection of songs from Star Fox to play while you battle.

  1. Asteroid Field (StarFox Assault)
  2. Corneria (StarFox 64)
  3. Fox's Theme (StarFox Command)
  4. Star Fox Theme (Brawl)